Measure What You’re Made of.

Mission Statement

To measure the principal components of health and fitness before and after exercise prescriptions.

Our Mission

Datafit is dedicated to supporting and measuring the principal components of fitness recognized by the World Health Organization by way of the American College of Sports Medicine testing methods collected by health and fitness professionals. These tests and measurements allow for greater understanding of the relationship between heart health and other fitness components and the disease risks associated with them.

“Anybody can find disease, YOU can find health.”

Dr. Bob Foster I D.O. WVSOM

Associate Dean of Osteopathic Medical Education 

“Health professionals working together with patients can produce the most successful plan for their health”

Dr. Kelly Redden I D.O. Internal medicine specialist

Medical Director at Atrium Health

Assessing components of Fitness provides true, tangible, objective data that can be used to help decrease disease risks and increase quality of life by prescribing appropriate physical activity for patients.

Better Understand your Body

Knowing your heart score empowers you with the knowledge of your risk level to the #1 cause of death on the planet; Cardiovascular disease. Datafit also provides patients with other valuable health measurements on multiple health and fitness components and their predictors like; body composition and flexibility/mobility, which can provide you estimations on the likelihood of future diabetes manifestations and fall/injury risks. Understand more about the most important thing in your life; you. 

Track Progress
By ordering a health assessment you will be tested and measured by a health professional who will generate a report that establishes your current fitness level. Your report will show how “fit” you are compared to the “average” person your age and gender. Most importantly, moving forward you will be able to compare yourself to the only comparison that matters; the previous you.
Why a health assessment?
• Identify your current health and fitness status relative to the standard norms• Provide helpful data to develop or modify physical exercise plans• Collecting baseline and follow-up data for training plan effectiveness monitoring • Motivate patients to establish reasonable health and fitness goals